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10/3/2019Kevin Françoisse
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Artificial Intelligence: Is it more risky to be a lawyer or a plumber?

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Kevin Françoisse - CEO & Co-Founder @ Sagacify

Kevin has a PhD in data analysis and collective intelligence. He is the founder of Sagacify, which develops innovative software for data analysis and artificial intelligence for large and medium-sized companies.

In today's age of artificial intelligence, is it riskier to be a lawyer than a plumber?

The impact of AI on our jobs? It has the power to disrupt all industries. It's gonna take a lot of but most of all, it has the power to fundamentally change the way we work. Which tasks will be automated tomorrow? Any task that today takes no more than 1 to 2 seconds for a human before.can probably be automated by artificial intelligence today. The more repetitive and daunting a task is, the easier it will be to automate it. The more creativity, human reflection and manual work the task requires, which is extremely expensive to deploy today, the less it will be possible to automate.

The most affected jobs? Cashiers, call center operators, administrative staff, lawyers, these are jobs with relatively repetitive tasks. They have the best chance of being replaced. On the other hand, being a plumber requires a lot more creativity, being able to adapt to the situation, working with your hands. These are all properties that machines cannot reproduce and automate today.

The 3 levels of maturity of the AI  The first, the simplest, concerns the automation of repetitive tasks and the discouraging, process optimization or enhancing process efficiency. Second, it is to assist in decision making or to increase the expertise of people. Third, it is innovation by creating new business models using new technologies made possible by artificial intelligence.

Data is the new gold

Gmail, Google, Facebook, Uber, all fantastic products that offer us a lot of advantages, and are free of charge. Why free? Because the more users use these tools, the more they generate data about our behavior, about our use, which enables companies to improve these products, converting more users who will contribute more data. This companies are part of a positive spiral of product improvement through artificial intelligence.

Are our companies threatened by AI?

Disrupted or disturbed. It is true that artificial intelligence offers new opportunities for disruption. If, as a market leader, you are not one of the first to bring about this transformation, your competitors probably will. It's the big company that has the most to fear. The smaller the company, the less you have to worry.

What tips for integrating AI into your business?

Today, it is essential not to ignore AI. This should be part of the thoughts today, of every decision-maker and every entrepreneur. When integrating artificial intelligence, it is important to think about the costs and therefore the return on investment. In general, the more tasks need to be automated, the more we will be able to amortise the investment in fixed costs for creating an artificial intelligence solution. If you have a small budget, little volume to automate, you can buy existing products directly in Software as a Service mode.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning, also called machine learning, is a new paradigm in computer science. Traditional software is encoded and defined by a human being and allows the machine to make decisions through a set of rules. With machine learning, there are no rules. We only give examples. Data with labeled data It is the machine itself that learns rules to make an optimal decision.

Last Advice

If I have any advice, it is that artificial intelligence can no longer be ignored today. It is extremely important to start documenting and training yourself on this subject. One source I find very interesting to start with is Coursera, the online course website. Take some lessons from Andrew Ng. He has AI for all classes, for anyone with basic knowledge up to and including the most technical course, if you really want to start, and gain practical experience, with the development of these tools.