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9/18/2018Vincent Geortay
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Customer service and quality of your customer relationship: the keys to your success

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Vincent Geortay - Copywriter @ Calliscribe

Where do you situate yourself with regard to your approach to customer relations? Sometimes wrongly regarded as less essential to business operations, it nevertheless plays a crucial role in achieving the hoped-for results.

Widen the scope of your customer service

What is the real place of customer service in a company? Your customer management is not only a burden for your business, on the contrary, they have a clear potential to create value for your business. At a time when services and sales processes are being digitized, customer service is no longer limited to after-sales service alone. In addition to after-sales service, it is necessary to guarantee a quality customer relationship during this relationship: information, ordering, delivery... Your customer expects maximum flexibility and a good level of support when he needs it. And if this is not the case, he will not hesitate to buy elsewhere... with a negative impact on your sales volume and reputation.

Unrivalled staff trained in customer relations

One of the crucial points to build up the quality of your services and customer relations? The human factor! Ensure that your employees know your company, products and services inside out, so that they can always respond in full knowledge of the facts. Also make sure they are trained in customer relations with the necessary listening and empathy skills to positively manage a conversation with a dissatisfied customer. Also prepare for all the scenarios they will have to deal with in order to anticipate and prepare appropriate responses.

Fast and efficient customer service

Avoid the frustration of your customers by saving them endless waiting times before they are treated by a customer advisor. Implement the right solutions, for example through Live Chats that can manage multiple customers and calls at the same time or by providing FAQs that are clear and complete enough so that your customer does not need the help of an advisor. If calls need to be made, this can deter a customer. Be present on the channels that are most suitable for a smooth and fast customer relationship: SMS, e-mail, Messenger, social networks... Also make sure that the answer given is sufficiently effective to solve the problem. You turn a customer who needs help into a satisfied customer who is convinced of the reliability of your services.

CRM tools to better manage your customer relationships and data

In a context of contemporary automation and digitization, personalization of the customer relationship is an element that can clearly make a difference. Invest in a CRM tool that allows you to collect, record and manage every interaction with a customer: switchboard, orders, chat session, sent e-mails, contact form, cookies, behaviour on your site... Make sure that the data collected is as complete as possible, because it is a goldmine in terms of knowledge about your customers. This knowledge is an essential basis for building a quality customer relationship, but also for other business strategies, including your marketing policy.