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9/12/2018Vincent Geortay
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The 9 best applications to increase your office productivity

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Vincent Geortay - Copywriter @ Calliscribe

What are the best apps on the market to save time for companies and self-employed people? Collaborative management of your projects, accounting application, passwords of your online applications, reduction of useless e-mails... Here is our answer in 9 applications essential to boost the productivity of your company.

Trello, an essential application to better manage your projects.

Trello's objective is clear: to improve the management of your projects by facilitating communication and collaboration between colleagues. This digital board accessible to all stakeholders allows everyone to add digital post-it notes called maps as soon as something changes. And so everyone has a complete overview of the project at all times.

Your professional business cards on your smartphone thanks to the Camcard app

With Camcard, you no longer need to waste time storing, searching and organizing your business contacts' business cards. They are scanned from your smartphone and hosted in the cloud, with the ability to exchange these digital business cards.

Slack, the desktop version of instant messaging

Tired of your work and your company's productivity being affected by the mass of incoming emails? Slack helps you reduce the amount of email you receive in the office by providing you with an instant messaging service. You can create groups and attachments, but also integrate with other applications such as Google Drive.

Pocket, your host for articles and videos

Do you regularly consult exciting professional content that you lose track of just as quickly? You'll love Pocket! This application allows you to save all the links that interest you on a single platform and also to consult this content offline.

Accountable, the tax advisor of the future

Currently in the test phase, the Belgian application Accountable wants to revolutionise the way SMEs, companies and the self-employed manage their finances at work. The objective? To provide an up-to-date statement of the accounting situation at all times and to provide personalised tax advice on this basis, but also to simplify administration and accounting paperwork.

Dashlane, all your passwords in one

Dashlane generates secure, encrypted passwords for each of your applications. So you no longer need to memorize a bunch of passwords, because Dashlane stores them for you and keeps them secure.

Interconnected applications with Zapier

As explained in this article, the applications used by businesses and freelancers in the office are more and more numerous. To prevent this growing number from affecting your productivity, Zapier interconnects them and synchronizes certain tasks. For example, the content of an email sent to work via Gmail can automatically be found in Slack or Trello.

Amazing translations from DeepL

With DeepL, no more laughing at online machine translations! Even if the quality is not yet equal to that of a human translation, DeepL provides much better results than its competitors, for example Google Traduct, with a great finesse in interpreting a word according to the context.

Keep an eye on social networks with Mention

Who's talking about you on social networks? Anecdotal in private life, the question becomes crucial for a company, as its reputation can have a significant impact on business volume. Mention allows you to know everything that is being said about your company, and therefore to react appropriately.